2021 Fall Evidence-Based Practice Posters – NURS 4314

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This collection gathers projects developed in the Gessner College of Nursing's Fall 2021 NURS 4314 course


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    Implementing Perinatal Depression Screenings in African American Women to Reduce Preterm Births
    (2021-11-20) Posana, Sherellin; Taylor, Madison
    According to research, 10 to 20% of African American women experience depression during pregnancy which can lead to detrimental effects including, but not limited to, preterm births.9 Preterm births are the leading cause of death in young children and was estimated to be responsible for 1 million deaths in 2015.11 This study aims to decrease preterm births by emphasizing the need for prenatal depression screening. Research objectives include comparing neonatal outcomes for African American women that have been screened to those who have not. The utilization of screenings to assess for depression in African American women during prenatal care resulted in better outcomes for their pregnancy.3 This research finding is vital because 40% of African American women are more likely to experience pregnancy related mortality than any other race, however, implementing screenings can help reduce these numbers.10 Utilizing prenatal tools, such as the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression scale, can help reduce not only preterm births, but maternal deaths due to complications in African American women.
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    Implementation of a Hypothermia Bundle in the Operation Room
    (2021) Del Fierro, Brenda; Garcia, Giselle; Martinez, Claudia
    Inadvertent hypothermia is known to cause several complications in a patient after surgery. It is crucial to implement changes in the operating room to help the patient maintain a regulated core temperature. These strategies include a hypothermia bundle that consists of pre-warming the patient prior to surgery, warming IV fluids, warming irrigation solutions, forced-air warming, and consistent temperature checks during surgery.
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    ICU Delirium: Identification & Prevention Utilizing the CAM-ICU Assessment Tool
    (2021-11-18) Fife, Hannah; Gheen, Taryn
    Our nursing research project was conducted to assess the following: In adult critical care patients, does the utilization of the Confusion Assessment Method Tool- ICU (CAM-ICU) as compared to no implementation of this screening tool and standard nursing care, aid in identification and effective assessment of delirium in adult patients in the ICU?
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    Improving Vaccination Rates in Minority Groups with Vaccination Hesitancy Education
    (2021-11-19) Kyser, Lillian; DeLuna, Kydamae
    The purpose of this research is to prove the significance of addressing misconceptions about the COVID-19 vaccines in high-risk communities. Consequential misinformation about COVID-19 has plagued social media and increased vaccine hesitancy.4 This resulted in lower vaccine rates and higher infection rates that lead to more complications and hospitalizations. Now, nurses are being called not only to serve the frontline in battling the COVID-19 pandemic but also to defend against the anti-vaccination propaganda. As healthcare workers, determining how to communicate science-backed and evidenced-based vaccine information is the key to decreasing vaccine hesitancy.10 The future of how communities will be able to combat and persevere through subsequent pandemics relies on how healthcare workers address misconceptions about available preventative and curative measures.
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    Implementing Resilience and Suicide Prevention Protocol for LGBTQ+ Youth in Pediatric Emergency Departments
    (2021-11-19) Nguyen, Jennifer; Olea, Kiana; Hawkins-Davis, Hailey
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    Will Stem Cell Treatment Improve Wound Healing in Diabetic Patients?
    (2021-11) Benitez, Delia; Villa, Ashley
    Diabetic neuropathy is a factor in the development of foot ulcers in patients due to the loss of sensation and increased pressure on the lower extremities. The development of diabetic foot ulcers is a severe complication related to diabetes that can eventually lead to amputation. The current management of diabetic foot ulcers consists of wound debridement in combination with offloading the affected area, pharmacological pain control, negative pressure wound therapy and wound dressings to protect the affected site (Lim et al., 2017). Stem cells have a unique ability to develop into different types of cells in the body. Many studies have found that stem cell therapy can aid in faster wound healing, as it repairs damaged cells in the body by reducing inflammation (Cona et al., 2021). In addition, stem cells are able to regenerate damaged tissue and are selfreplicating which can be very beneficial to the body as it creates the required cells for healing (Cona et al., 2021).
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    Using Massage Therapy to Address Side Effects in Pediatric Oncology Patients
    (2021-11-16) Davis, Calvin; Tran, Gia
    In pediatric oncology patients, how does massage therapy alleviate treatment side effects compared to those who did not receive massage therapy?
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    Reducing Fall Injuries in Emergency Room Patients Over 50 by Implementing an Early Fall Risk Assessment Tool
    (2021-11-17) Freeman, E'Monte; Espinoza, Maria
    In patients over 50 years of age presenting to the emergency department, does implementing a fall risk assessment tool during triage reduce incidence of falls in the emergency department in comparison to emergency departments who do not utilize a fall risk assessment tool?
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    The Benefits of Prenatal Education Program on Maternal Breastfeeding Initiation
    (2021) Huynh, Hailey; Co, Jolena
    Breastfeeding has been recognized by numerous national organizations as the leading choice of sustenance for infants in their first six months (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2021). It has been found that infants who breastfeed have decreased mortality rates, infections, and have fewer allergies (AAP, 2019). Despite the overwhelming advantages of breastfeeding infants, Healthy People 2030 released a baseline that only about a quarter of mothers exclusively breastfed their infants throughout the six-month period. Numerous studies have been conducted, based on these statistics, to find a solution to increase the number of mothers initiating breastfeeding and prolonging its duration. Through multiple studies, similar conclusions were found that prenatal education programs provided mothers with the education and self-efficacy to initiate and increase the breastfeeding period.
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    How Neonatal Skin-to-Skin Contact with Fathers Can Improve Paternal Stress in the NICU
    (2021-11-16) Ho, Victoria; Hermani, Sara
    Within the NICU, will skin-to-skin contact between father and neonate improve paternal stress compared to non-engagement of skin-to-skin contact?