Improving Vaccination Rates in Minority Groups with Vaccination Hesitancy Education



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The purpose of this research is to prove the significance of addressing misconceptions about the COVID-19 vaccines in high-risk communities. Consequential misinformation about COVID-19 has plagued social media and increased vaccine hesitancy.4 This resulted in lower vaccine rates and higher infection rates that lead to more complications and hospitalizations. Now, nurses are being called not only to serve the frontline in battling the COVID-19 pandemic but also to defend against the anti-vaccination propaganda. As healthcare workers, determining how to communicate science-backed and evidenced-based vaccine information is the key to decreasing vaccine hesitancy.10 The future of how communities will be able to combat and persevere through subsequent pandemics relies on how healthcare workers address misconceptions about available preventative and curative measures.



COVID-19, Vaccination, Vaccination hesitancy, Community health