A Systematic Review: The Effectiveness of Cultural Competence Trainings among Health Professions



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University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work


Cultural competence trainings are cited as improving providers’ interactions with culturally diverse clients. Yet, little is known about the methodological rigor of such studies. To date, a systematic review of the effectiveness of cultural competence trainings by target population, intervention duration, and intervention intensity has not been conducted. An electronic systematic search was conducted to identify recent empirical evaluations of cultural competence trainings. Studies meeting the inclusion criteria were critically appraised using the Methodological Quality Rating Scale and the Outcome Attainment Index. Thirteen studies were included. Trainings targeting professionals were more rigorous than those targeting students. Accounting for methodological rigor, trainings targeting professionals, those longer in duration, and of higher intensity, achieved higher outcome attainment indices. Given the lack of rigor among these studies, it is difficult to assess their overall effectiveness. Considering the evergrowing diversification of this county, cultural competence trainings need to be both effective and rigorous.



Perspectives on Social Work, Sha-Lai Williams, Cultural Disparity, Racial/Ethnic Disparity, Perspectives on Social Work, Social work, Cultural Disparity, Racial/Ethnic Disparity