Passive Abuse: A Conceptual Framework for Attachment Theory and Adolescents



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University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work


The link between attachment, parental involvement and childhood behavioral outcomes has been studied at length, specifically as it relates to adjustment and success later in life. Due to the implications that early childhood behavioral difficulties and development have on later adulthood success (Fronstin, Greenberg, & Robins, 2005), it is important that attention is given to the issues surrounding familial attachment and caregiver interactions. In order to develop appropriate theories and treatment specific to this subject, research must continue to focus around the caregiver/child relationship, the variables that affect the level of attachment, and the variables that influence that attachment.



Perspectives on Social Work, Stephen N. Baldridge, Attachment Theory, Adolescents, Perspectives on Social Work, Social work, Attachment theory, Adolescents