A study of organic brain damaged patients in a United States Army General Hospital



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This study consisted of an analysis of the test scores made by fifty verified organic patients on the Wechsler-Bellevue Intelligence Scale. The group tested were routine brain damaged patients found in the wards of Brooke General Hospital. The sample upon which the investigation was made consisted of five women and forty-five men. Twenty-two of the subjects had an I.Q. score of 99 or below, while twenty-eight had an I.Q. score of 100 and above. The mean I.Q. score of the entire group was 101.2. The mean education level attained by the group was 9.9 years of school. Each patient was examined and tested under the same circumstances. An electroencephalogram record was made for each subject. Thirty-eight subjects had abnormal EEG patterns, while twelve had normal EEG records. [...]



Brain injury, United States Army General Hospital