A Survey on Applications of Model-Free Strategy Learning in Cognitive Wireless Networks



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IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials


The framework of cognitive wireless networks is expected to endow the wireless devices with the cognition-intelligence ability with which they can efficiently learn and respond to the dynamic wireless environment. In many practical scenarios, the complexity of network dynamics makes it difficult to determine the network evolution model in advance. Thus, the wireless decision-making entities may face a black-box network control problem and the model-based network management mechanisms will be no longer applicable. In contrast, model-free learning enables the decision-making entities to adapt their behaviors based on the reinforcement from their interaction with the environment and (implicitly) build their understanding of the system from scratch through trial-and-error. Such characteristics are highly in accordance with the requirement of cognition-based intelligence for devices in cognitive wireless networks. Therefore, model-free learning has been considered as one key implementation approach to adaptive, self-organized network control in cognitive wireless networks. In this paper, we provide a comprehensive survey on the applications of the state-of-the-art model-free learning mechanisms in cognitive wireless networks. According to the system models on which those applications are based, a systematic overview of the learning algorithms in the domains of single-agent system, multiagent systems, and multiplayer games is provided. The applications of model-free learning to various problems in cognitive wireless networks are discussed with the focus on how the learning mechanisms help to provide the solutions to these problems and improve the network performance over the model-based, non-adaptive methods. Finally, a broad spectrum of challenges and open issues is discussed to offer a guideline for the future research directions.



Cognitive radio, heterogeneous networks, decision-making, reinforcement learning, game theory, model-free learning?


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