A batch operating system for a Microdata 1600/30 : intercommunication between processes



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Part of the implementation of a general purpose batch Operating System for a MICRODATA 1600/30 is presented in this thesis. This Operating System, with a resident of 4K bytes only, works in a minimum configuration of 16K bytes. It may be used both in a batch configuration, with a spooling system, and in stand-alone configuration. In this thesis, the system is described in terms of its decomposition into processes ; a general scheme for intercommunication between processes is presented, and the control language is viewed as a tool for the description of the processes in the system. The memory constraints are solved by a succession of overlays, and the linkage to the context of a user program is danonstrated. The description of the rest of the system may be found in the thesis of Xavier Mangin [June, 1975]. Both theses are needed to get a full understanding of the Operating System.