Personality traits and interests in thinking related to expressed acceptance of self and others



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The purpose of the study was to determine whether a posited relation existed between a set of acceptance attitudes, namely, self-acceptance and acceptance of others, and a combined set of personality traits and interest in thinking measures. Additionally, if such a posited relation existed, the study sought to determine the differential importance of each personality trait and each interest in thinking measure in describing the relation. Subsequently, the relative importance of the aggregate of the personality traits, termed the personality domain, was compared to the aggregate of the interest in thinking measures, termed the interest in thinking domain. One-hundred-seventeen female and eighty-nine male undergraduate teacher preparation students at Sam Houston State University participated in the study. The nature of the relation between variates identified in the three domains was specifically accomplished by applying the statistical technique of canonical correlation analysis. The analysis resulted in two independent pairs of canonical variates, with more than a chance correlation exhibited between each pair. [...]



Social acceptance, Personality, Cognitive styles