The Future of Work: An Overview of Knowledge, Skill, Ability, and Other Characteristic Demands and Workplace Profiles in the Current and Future Workforce



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The occupational demands of the workforce are seldom static over time. As technology, culture, and the economy evolve, the areas of competence expected from the typical worker can be expected to evolve as well. However, few studies have attempted to ensure the public has an up-to-date understanding of these demands. This study addresses this concern by consolidating the available occupation and employment data to determine the most in-demand categories of knowledge, skills, abilities, and other person characteristics (KSAOs). Further, the present study has identified several workplace profiles based on how attributes cluster together. Key findings of the present study suggest that the competencies relating to communication and customer and personal service, as well as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are among the highest demanded KSAOs in the current and future workforce. In sum, the findings of this study provide vital career guidance information which could benefit individuals, career counselors, policy makers, and institutions alike.



Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Vocational Interests, Work Styles, Occupational Characteristics, Latent Profile Analysis, Psychology, Industrial-Organizational Psychology


Portions of this document appear in: Granillo-Velasquez, K. E., Musemeche, N. P., Reyes, D. L., Schoolfield, L. (2023). Get Ready for Work: An Examination of the Most In-Demand KSAOs [Poster]. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Annual Conference, Boston, MA, United States.