SETS Student Discovery and Analysis Regarding Bicycle Sharing Stations at UH Campus


"Bicycle Share @ UH" focuses on creating and testing innovative and integrated system and process that will enable access to transmit and improve transit mobility on an unique urban campus. Customer Discover And Data Trend Analyitics; Subgroups of a Bigger Group System. - 70% of the residents in the area have poor access to the public transit - Houston is the 4th-largest city in the USA > projected to grow from 7 mission in 2015 to 10 mission in 2040 - STATED BY STUDENTS - transportation is an issue on our campus > Parking > Time issues > Walking to classes from accross campus - SURVEY PLATFORM - Google forms - 3 Iterations - DURATION OF SURVEY: August 1st - August 10th - FOUR TYPE OF SURVEY QUESTIONS 1. Basic Data 2. Desire to Utilize the Bicycle Share 3. Location Preference 4. Payment Preference