Determining the effectiveness of interventions for NIP-YFV



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University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work


Youth to family violence or Non-Intimate – Partner Violence (NIP-YFV) is a serious issue affecting youth, families, and communities (Sainato, 2018). NIP-YFV is any physical or psychological harm committed by the youth against a family member. This article is a follow-up to Sainato’s (2018) study which was one of the first to analyze NIP-YFV interventions for effectiveness with violent youth. Four factors were identified as pivotal to the intervention/treatment success. This article further explores these identified factors to conceptually understand why they are effective in addressing violent youth. This article also explores how social work professionals can effectively address violent youth through a practitioner, policymaker, and researcher lens while meeting ethical guidelines of the profession. Implications and recommendations are further discussed to build on this study to take a step towards reducing and eliminating NIP-YFV.



non-intimate partner violence, family violence, youth violence, youth to parent violence, youth violence interventions, Non-intimate partner violence, Family violence, Youth violence, Youth to parent violence, Youth violence interventions