A study of some selected rhodium (II) carboxylates



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Rhodium(II) acetate, propionate, tri fluoroacetate, tri chloroacetate, and benzoate have been prepared and some of their properties studied by thermal, magnetic and spectroscopic methods. The spectra in ERA mixed solvent (diethyl ether, isopentane and ethanol 5:5:2) are shown and compared in order to interpret the results. The properties of the reaction products of rhodium(II) acetate with many donor-type ligands were investigated by thermogravimetric analysis, differential scanning calorimetry, magnetic susceptibility and spectroscopic measurements. A new type of adduct of the formula, Rh[lowered 2](OOCCH[lowered 3)[lowered 4][dot]L, has been isolated and characterized. The "exchange" reaction in which rhodium(II) tri fluoroacetate is formed by the reaction of rhodium(II) acetate with excess tri fluoroacetic acid was studied by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. The intermediates were identified by mass spectrometry.