Enhancing OER Support by Developing a Workflow and Service Model



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This is a Capstone Project Report resulting from participation in the 2018-19 SPARC Open Education Leadership Program. The capstone project focused on developing internal infrastructure in order to support a new and quickly growing OER program at the University of Houston (UH). The primary goals of the project were to develop an OER adoption workflow to support instructors in replacing commercial textbooks, and to develop a service model for an effective and sustainable level of OER support. This report details the process of completing the capstone project, which included conducting an environmental scan of OER needs at UH, reviewing existing OER workflows and similar resources, developing an OER adoption workflow specific to the UH context, and beginning to develop a service model for OER support. Successful completion of the capstone project is evaluated by comparing project outcomes to the desired goals.

“SPARC Capstone Final Report: Enhancing OER Support by Developing a Workflow and Service Model” by Ariana Santiago is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.



open education, open educational resources, library services, textbook affordability