Digital Timeline of the League of United Latin American Citizens



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Technology has become a new method of conducting historical research. Unlike oral history or the written word, technology offers a more interactive way of presenting, communicating, and more accurately preserving the past. This poster provides an introduction to the digital timeline about the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the first civil rights organization to advocate on behalf of the Latinx/Hispanic community. This timeline draws from multimedia archival resources to highlight significant events in LULAC's history and key turning points in their agenda over time from its founding to the present (1929-2021). It is worth noting that the timeline displays LULAC’s continuous support of women’s empowerment and BIPOC movements. More specifically, the poster presentation describes LULAC’s work to provide educational advancement, political influence, and economic resources for the Hispanic community. In addition, I speak to the Latinx methods that guided the digital project's direction. It is necessary to acknowledge and learn from organizations like LULAC who mobilized and invested in the success of BIPOC groups, especially during climacteric periods like the civil rights movement. By using technology as a method of historical storytelling, younger demographics are encouraged to participate, which LULAC has recently made efforts to incorporate in the fight for equal rights. Interactive digital projects such as this have the potential to reach and educate more audiences about Latinx/ Hispanic history. To this day, LULAC continues to strengthen its outreach and make notable strides in the advancement of Latinxs in the United States.