Opportunity + Appeal: Brisbane, Australia



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Globally fluent cities are “metropolitan areas that are appealing, open, and opportunity-rich which serve as magnets for attracting people and firms from around the world,” according to The Brookings Institution. Btisbane, Australia is presented in 3 parts: business climate, diversity, livable neighborhoods; in 3 places: city center, neighborhoods, and the public realm. Employment opportunities and job growth are only part of what makes a city appealing as a place to live. Using the language of Jane Jacobs, derived from experience of 1960’s Greenwich Village, New York City, and described in The Death and Life of Great American Cities, students present their city case study of opportunity and appeal around the world. Learning Objectives: 1. Understand downtown’s place in Brisbane, Australia. 2. Understand how livable neighborhoods and open space make cities appealing 3. Discover the fine grained nature (Lot, Block, and District) of your city 4. Practice visual, verbal and written presentation of research + analysis