Behind the Scenes of OER Librarianship: Facilitation, Collaboration, and Process



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Save students money. Improve student learning. Innovate pedagogical practice. These are common desired outcomes of open education initiatives in higher education. We know these are worthwhile outcomes and that OER hold great potential to impact student success. But how do we get there? What is the process of achieving these outcomes, and importantly, how do we create inclusive processes for advancing OER and affordability? To address these questions, Ariana Santiago will “pull back the curtain” on OER librarianship and share her approach to this work. This presentation will include examples from the field and focus on the roles of facilitation and collaboration in advancing open education initiatives.

Keynote presentation for the Springer Nature Summit entitled "Affordable Course Materials: A Closer Look at Librarians and OER/AER" on May 14, 2020.



open educational resources, academic libraries, librarianship, open education