A computer approach to university curriculum design for administrative management



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This study was a comparison of administrative management duties for seven Standard Industrial Classification groups: mining; construction; manufacturing; transportation and public utilities; wholesale and retail trade; finance, insurance, and real estate; and service and miscellaneous and five business organizations: Administrative Management Society (AMS), American Records Management Association (ARMA), Data Processing Management Association (DPMA), National Secretaries Association (NSA), and Systems and Procedures Association (SPA) to determine specific curricula for administrative management careers. Harris County members of AMS, ARMA, DPMA, NSA, and SPA were found to be representative of the United States by industry according to Census Bureau figures. Organization members hold position careers related to the organization. Respondents to a questionnaire survey were compared on the basis of career and on the basis of industry. As a basis of comparison, questions were asked and fifty-nine duties were listed. Respondents were asked to rank the duties as major, occasional, or to disregard those that did not apply to them. Major was given a numerical weight of four; occasional, one; and those disregarded, none. [...]



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