The Public Access Computer Systems Review vol. 4 no. 1 (1993)

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    The University of Pennsylvania's PennInfo Campus-Wide Information System.
    (The Public-Access Computer Systems Review, 1993) D'Souza, Alfred C.
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    Review of The Internet Companion: A Beginner's Guide to Global Networking, by Tracy LaQuey (with Jeanne C. Ryer)
    (The Public-Access Computer Systems Review, 1993) Robison, David F. W.
    LaQuey and Ryer and have put together a guide to networking that almost reads like a novel. The text, written in nontechnical language, is organized to create and sustain interest in networking on the part of the user. Included are simple, somewhat comical diagrams that clarify concepts and systems while making a neophyte feel comfortable with terms like "Serial Line Internet Protocol." Helping to convey the authors' own excitement over networking are numerous sidebars with text taken from various sources that provide anecdotal evidence of the richness and power of the virtual culture.
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    The Challenge of Multimedia Networking
    (The Public-Access Computer Systems Review, 1993) Halbert, Martin
    There is no question that computer applications such as word processing, electronic mail, and desktop publishing have changed the way people work. These computer applications have enhanced users' capacity for communication and have improved their productivity. The success of these applications has prompted both vendors and researchers to continue to seek new ways to further advance the information technology revolution. Enter the latest innovation: networked multimedia systems
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    USMARC Format Integration, Part II: Implications for Local Systems
    (The Public-Access Computer Systems Review, 1993) Caplan, Priscilla
    When we last left USMARC format integration (see "USMARC Format Integration, Part I: What, Why, and When?" The Public-Access Computer Systems Review 3, no. 5 (1992): 33-36; GET CAPLAN PRV3N5 F=MAIL), it was defined, approved, and in imminent danger of being implemented. We concluded then that format integration would have to offer substantial benefits to the end users of our public catalogs to be worth the bother. Before going on to consider what some of those benefits might be, it's worth spending a little time belaboring the bother.
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    (The Public-Access Computer Systems Review, 1993) Bailey, Charles W., Jr.