The Public Access Computer Systems Review vol. 3 no. 4 (1992)

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    (The Public-Access Computer Systems Review, 1992) Bailey, Charles W., Jr.
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    Using HYTELNET to Access Internet Resources
    (The Public-Access Computer Systems Review, 1992) Scott, Peter
    Briefly describes online library catalogs and other types of Internet resources accessible through HYTELNET, a hypertext browser. Instructions for obtaining the software and five sample screens are included, and the system updating process is explained.
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    The LIBS Internet Access Software: An Overview and Evaluation
    (The Public-Access Computer Systems Review, 1992) Stanton, Deidre E.; Hooper, Todd
    Describes and evaluates LIBS Internet Access Software (also called Sonoma Software), which offers automatic Telnet connection to remote library catalogs, databases, information services, campuswide information services, and other wide-area information access tools. Instructions for obtaining and installing the software are given, and a comparison to HYTELNET is offered.