The Public Access Computer Systems Review vol. 8 no. 2 (1997)

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    Will the Real Internet Please Stand Up?
    (The Public-Access Computer Systems Review, 1997) Caplan, Priscilla
    Discusses problems with the current Internet and describes new Internet developments. Topics include Internet2, which is being developed for innovative high performance computing applications for member universities and corporate affiliates; the Next Generation Internet (NGI); the role of the NSF (National Science Foundation); and quality of service.
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    Is the Journal as We Know It an Article of Faith? An Open Letter to the Faculty
    (The Public-Access Computer Systems Review, 1997) Morton, Bruce
    Discusses scholarly communication, functions of scholarly journals, and the possibility of changing from a printed version to an electronic journal. Highlights include dissemination; timeliness; peer review; recognition and award; rising costs of printed journals and decreasing serials budgets in academic libraries; paradigm shifts; and new models for consideration.
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    (The Public-Access Computer Systems Review, 1997) Bailey, Charles W., Jr.