Mediated Interfaces



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The goal of this thesis is to facilitate the establishment of human connections across digital and physical do-mains. The development of public space at the bound-ary of the digital and the physical sphere challenges the commonly held belief that these realms are dichoto-mous. Through an in-depth analysis of the relationship be-tween architecture and the human body, this research delves into the ways in which the evolution of media has impacted and shaped the formation of architectural spaces and our experiences of space and place. This research recognizes the imperative of harmonizing the digital and physical spheres within architectural design, in order to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between humanity and technology. By exploring the interplay between the human body, media, and archi-tecture, this thesis seeks to re-conceptualize the disci-pline of architecture, considering the ways in which technology and the human body interact and shape our perceptions of space.



Digital Media, Human connections, Digital and physical domains, Architecture and the human body, Evolution of media in architecture, Harmonizing technology and humanity in design, Human connections, Digital domain, Physical domain, Public space, Architecture, Human body, Media, Space, Place, Harmonizing, Architecture and Digital Media