The integration of self-determination theory: Supplementing preceding and future models of disability

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University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work

Disability studies continues to grow as an emerging area of practice and theoretical research, branching out into sundry professions and frameworks. This expansion is leading to perpetual discussion of the more prominent individual (medical) and social models of disability as well as the development of more inconspicuous models. This paper reviews the dominant epistemologies attached to these models of disability with the support of an authentic case vignette from the author’s social work practice. It is argued that the supplementation and immersion of selfdetermination theory in established and future models of disability will enhance the models’ applicability to professional practice and better reflect the individual’s self. The integration of self-determination theory to models of disability is presented in multiple diagrams.

Perspectives on Social Work, Ami Goulden, Disability, Epistemology, Self-determination, Social Work, Models of Disability, Perspectives on Social Work, Disabilities, Epistemology, Self-determination, Social work, Models of disability