Project Frida: Models of Resilience



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Disasters heavily affect low-to-middle-income countries as the lack of proper infrastructure fails to respond to the frequency with which disasters occur and the devastation they bring. A longstanding socio-economic system is what keeps communities functioning despite the evident disconnection from the post-disaster aid that is provided by humanitarian organizations. This research will focus on analyzing three post-disaster scenarios located in third-world countries where temporary shelters were provided and thought of as the solution. Within the inconsistencies of the aid provided three elements emerged from survival needs and day-to-day activities in the community. The proposed solution focuses on designing a system identified as the Workshop. The Workshop provides a longstanding solution to post-disaster scenarios as it grows from the existing. Communities possess the opportunity to rebuild their autonomy with this system and become models of resiliency



Post-disaster relief aid, Refugees, Disasters, Modular, Resilience, Third-world countries, Systems, Interior Architecture, Architecture