Analyzing social content of jobs : testing the social scale of functional job analysis



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Social interaction Is an integral facet In the general taxonomy of work behavior. This study assessed Functional Job Analysis's (FJA) Social Scale as a means to analyze social content of Jobs. Confirmatory factor analysis supported the plausibility of FJA's premise that social activity can be described by seven social constructs when conceptualized as a measurement model. However, confirmatory factor analysis could not support the FJA's premise that the seven social constructs measure social complexity when conceptualized as a second-order factor model. Further, the premise that the constructs are ordered hierarchically In a simplex structural model was not supported. In assessing the utilitarian value of FJA's Social Scale, stepwise regression found Its social constructs to be highly predictive (Rsq=.43) of Navy rank but showed low capability In predicting membership In Navy commands or duty stations. The plausibility of FJA social constructs offers new direction for Job analysis research.



Job analysis