The role of the campus planner as perceived by board of regents, chairpersons, presidents and campus planners in selected public institutions of higher education in Texas



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There has never been a greater need for prudent planning and fiscal responsibility in the management, administration and development of public institutions of higher education than today. Colleges and universities are faced with the new realities of leveling or declining enrollments, rising costs, limited financial resources, critical state legislatures, and a general public that is reevaluating its predisposition toward support. The current decision-making system based on past assumptions about high purpose, rational process, structured organization and tradition is no longer as effective as it once was. There are new demands and realities, to which postsecondary education is being asked to respond, that have created a series of educational problems and needs in many universities and colleges. There is often little in their past experience to guide them in the resolution of these problems and public demands. Some institutions are becoming so concerned about their futures that they are now beginning to seriously seek guidance and purpose through effective, comprehensive planning. In response to this dynamic administrative environment, planning concepts which were not considered applicably by the management of institutions of higher education are now being viewed in a more positive light. The goal of this investigation was to define the role of the campus planner in Texas public institutions of higher education. Expectations for the role of campus planner held by Board of Regents/Trustees Chairpersons, Presidents, and Campus Planners was determined. [...]