Developing cataloging workflows at the University of Houston Libraries during the implementation of Ex-Libris Alma



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The University of Houston Library system migrated its ILS from Sierra to Ex-Libris Alma in 2019. The migration created significant changes to the cataloging workflows at the libraries. Alma is developed with a close integration of the cataloging and acquisition functions that a brief bibliographic record and an inventory are created at the time of purchase, unlike in Sierra where the two functions are distinctly separate. The different designs of the two systems require new cataloging workflows based upon how the materials are acquired. This presentation will describe how the Resource Description Librarian has developed and documented the new cataloging workflows. It will also touch upon the merge rules and other configurations that need to be set up in Alma to ensure a successful overlay of records from OCLC Connexion to Alma.



cataloging workflow, Alma migration, integrated library system