A parser and translator for the database query language GORDAS



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A parser and translator for GORDAS, which is a high-level query language, is implemented in this thesis. GORDAS is based on the Entity-Category-Relationship model. The E-C-R model combines some of the important semantic information of the real world and has most of the advantages of the basic data models. The user interface implemented in this thesis is GORDAS which is a data definition, query and update language for the Entity-Category-Relationship model. GORDAS stands for Graph Oriented Data Selection Language, it means that GORDAS is a query language for the graph-oriented data models. The definitions of all terminologies and the predicates of these models and GORDAS are discussed. A scanner, parser and translator which will automatically translate the GORDAS query into a relational algebra internal form are presented.



Translators (Computer programs), GORDAS (Computer program language)