The Development of a Psychometric Scoring Rubric for Assessing Role-taking Abilities in Children



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The purpose of this study was to develop a rubric that would assess cognitive and affective role–taking abilitiesin children. Since the creativity subtest ‘Conversations’ requires students to create a dialogue through the viewpoints of others, they must utilize their ability to role-take. We developed a rubric, the Role-taking Abilities Measure (RAM), to evaluate students’ abilities to demonstrate role-taking within the ‘Conversations’ subtest. The original rubric evaluated creativity. The goal of our work was to establish high levels of internal consistency and inter-rater reliability for the RAM. We hypothesized that the RAM would be a reliable rubric for assessing role-taking abilities. Subsequently, the relationship between students’ role-taking scores and their creative scores yielded as per Aurora's rubric, were analyzed to understand the relationship between roletaking and creativity. We hypothesized that students’ role-taking scores would be moderately to highly correlated with their creativity scores.