Changing Channels: Adapting an Ecosystem for Audiovisual Assets



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The University of Houston Libraries is in the process of implementing a new digital curation ecosystem. The project, Bayou City DAMS, incorporates a combination of locally-developed and open source solutions to streamline and integrate access and preservation workflows. When UH Libraries was awarded a grant to digitize and make available over 300 videos from a local TV station, the preservation and access of audiovisual objects moved from a long-term goal to a high priority. This presentation addresses the challenges introduced by very large video files and how the team, composed of members of Metadata and Digitization Services, Special Collections, and Library Technology Services, employed Agile methodologies to adapt workflows and systems.


Presentation at the American Library Association Conference Digital Conversion Interest Group.


digital asset management systems, Agile, Project management, Digital asset management systems, Agile, Project management