Proactive Recovery of Electric Power Assets for Resiliency Enhancement



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IEEE Access


This paper presents a significant change in current electric power grid response and recovery schemes by developing a framework for proactive recovery of electric power assets with the primary objective of resiliency enhancement. Within the proposed framework, which can potentially present the next generation decision-making tool for proactive recovery, several coordinated models will be developed including: 1) the outage models to indicate the impact of hurricanes on power system components; 2) a stochastic pre-hurricane crew mobilization model for managing resources before the event; and 3) a deterministic post-hurricane recovery model for managing resources after the event. Proposed models will be extended to ensure applicability to a variety of electric power grids with different technologies and regulatory issues. The theoretical and practical implications of the developed models will push the research frontier of proactive response and recovery schemes in electric power grids, while its flexibility will support application to a variety of infrastructures, in response to a wide range of extreme weather events and natural disasters.



Natural disaster, recovery, resiliency, restoration, smart grid


Copyright 2015 IEEE Access. Recommended citation: Arab, Ali, Amin Khodaei, Zhu Han, and Suresh K. Khator. "Proactive recovery of electric power assets for resiliency enhancement." IEEE Access 3 (2015): 99-109. DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2015.2404215. URL: