Resource Management in Cloud Networking Using Economic Analysis and Pricing Models: A Survey



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IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials


This paper presents a comprehensive literature review on applications of economic and pricing models for resource management in cloud networking. To achieve sustainable profit advantage, cost reduction, and flexibility in provisioning of cloud resources, resource management in cloud networking requires adaptive and robust designs to address many issues, e.g., resource allocation, bandwidth reservation, request allocation, and workload allocation. Economic and pricing models have received a lot of attention as they can lead to desirable performance in terms of social welfare, fairness, truthfulness, profit, user satisfaction, and resource utilization. This paper reviews applications of the economic and pricing models to develop adaptive algorithms and protocols for resource management in cloud networking. Besides, we survey a variety of incentive mechanisms using the pricing strategies in sharing resources in edge computing. In addition, we consider using pricing models in cloud-based software defined wireless networking. Finally, we highlight important challenges, open issues and future research directions of applying economic and pricing models to cloud networking.



Cloud networking, resource management, pricing models, economic models


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