Work Should Be a Valid Component of Social Work Intervention



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University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work


The most recent financial crisis in America has had a lasting effect on the citizens, institutions and polices of the nation. In their day-to-day interventions with clients, social workers are witness to the clinical effects of this meltdown on individuals, families and communities. Still, the profession sustains a philosophical partition between the clinical interventions it provides and the precipitating factors of the economy. Historically, social work was closely aligned with other professions and institutions for influence of government policies around employment reform and poverty amelioration. Such interest in a direct approach to the effects of economic circumstances on people has waned, in favor of an individualistic view and treatment of social problems. This article reviews the scant literature on this topic and includes comments from previous researchers who suggest that social workers, social work education and social work curricula have studiously avoided issues related to employment policy and the economy. Finally, with the profession of social work being well represented in the current federal administration, the article offers a challenge to the profession to address social justice issues related to unemployment and employment.



Elizabeth Van Houtte, Perspectives on Social Work, National Association of Social Workers, NASW, Social work, Perspectives on Social Work, National Association of Social Workers, NASW