A study of the presentation and reenforcement of geographic concepts found in selected geography textbooks in adoption in the state of Texas during 1964-1965



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The study was concerned with the presentation and reenforcement of basic geographic concepts found in the geography textbooks of the fourth- and sixth-grade levels in adoption in the state of Texas during 1964-1965. It was the purpose of this study (1) to make a quantitative study of the presentation of the nine basic geographic concepts developed by the Curriculum Guide Committee of the National Council for Geographic Education, and to determine the extent to which any concept was presented out of proportion to the others, (2) to analyze the frequency and the emphasis placed on any concept in a particular book at the fourth- and sixth-grade levels, and (3) to study the extent to which the nine concepts were strengthened through supplementary activities in the student's edition and reenforced through directives and suggestions for the children found in the teachers' editions.



Geography--Study and teaching (Elementary)--Texas