Generalized Iterative Method of Order Four with Divided Differences



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Numerous applications from diverse disciplines are formulated as an equation or system of equations in abstract spaces such as Euclidean multidimensional, Hilbert, or Banach, to mention a few. Researchers worldwide are developing methodologies to handle the solutions of such equations. A plethora of these equations are not differentiable. These methodologies can also be applied to solve differentiable equations. A particular method is utilized as a sample via which the methodology is described. The same methodology can be used on other methods utilizing inverses of linear operators. The problem with existing approaches on the local convergence of iterative methods is the usage of Taylor expansion series. This way, the convergence is shown but by assuming the existence of high-order derivatives which do not appear on the iterative methods. Moreover, bounds on the error distances that can be computed are not available in advance. Furthermore, the isolation of a solution of the equation is not discussed either. These concerns reduce the applicability of iterative methods and constitute the motivation for developing this article. The novelty of this article is that it positively addresses all these concerns under weaker convergence conditions. Finally, the more important and harder to study semi-local analysis of convergence is presented using majorizing scalar sequences. Experiments are further performed to demonstrate the theory.




Foundations 3 (3): 561-572 (2023)