Wireless-Powered Device-to-Device Communications With Ambient Backscattering: Performance Modeling and Analysis



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IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications


The recent advanced wireless energy harvesting technology has enabled wireless-powered communications to accommodate wireless data services in a self-sustainable manner. However, wireless-powered communications rely on active RF signals to communicate and result in high power consumption. On the other hand, ambient backscatter technology that passively reflects existing RF signal sources in the air to communicate has the potential to facilitate an implementation with ultra-low power consumption. In this paper, we introduce a hybrid device-to-device (D2D) communication paradigm by integrating ambient backscattering with wireless-powered communications. The hybrid D2D communications are self-sustainable, as no dedicated external power supply is required. However, since the radio signals for energy harvesting and for backscattering come from the ambient, the performance of the hybrid D2D communications depends largely on environment factors, e.g., distribution, spatial density, and transmission load of ambient energy sources. Therefore, we design two mode selection protocols for the hybrid D2D transmitter, allowing a more flexible adaptation to the environment. We then introduce analytical models to characterize the impacts of the considered environment factors on the hybrid D2D communication performance. Together with extensive simulations, our analysis shows that the communication performance benefits from larger repulsion, transmission load, and density of ambient energy sources. Furthermore, we investigate how different mode selection mechanisms affect the communication performance.



Ambient backscatter, D2D communications, modulated backscatter, repulsion behavior, wireless-powered communications


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