Application of the Feminist Perspective in Social Work Practice with Women in Abusive Relationships



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University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work


Working with women who have been abused by an intimate partner is something many social workers do at some point in their careers. Most have heard, and were likely taught, that approaches to working with abused women are based on the feminist perspective. However, although feminist theories have been developed, it is still difficult for some social workers to explain what they mean by “feminist perspective”. This paper will briefly discuss how the feminist perspective differs from feminist theories, will address five tenets of the feminist perspective as applied to situations where intimate partner violence (IPV) is present, and discuss areas where the application of this perspective can be strengthened.



Marcela Sarmiento Mellinger, Perspectives on Social Work, Feminist, Social Work, Women, Abusive Relationships, Perspectives on Social Work, Feminist, Social work, Women, Abusive relationships