Supporting and Developing Future Scholars, Practitioners through Collaborative Leadership: Examining Critical Strategies of Social Justice to Meet Individual Needs through a Holistic Approach


My research is primarily guided by sociological theories and understandings of education but is also informed by specific theoretical and conceptual frameworks including ecological systems theory, cultural competence, internationality, and resiliency. The research questions that I answer are best explored using multiple research methods and research designs such as qualitative methods (e.g., narrative inquiry, case study, auto-ethnography) and quantitative methods (e.g., descriptive and correlational statistics). To date, I have examined and investigated social justice issues in three areas: educational disparities, educational leadership (teacher and administrators), and diversity, equity, and inclusion. My scholarship, teaching, and service aligns with my research agenda that intersects with social justice practices to address systematic and institutionalized issues in PK-20 learning environments. Through the intersections of my research, teaching and service, my work informs our educational institutions of how to address social justice issues resulting from systemic and institutionalized disparities in PK-20 schools.



social justice, collaborative leadership, educational disparities, educational leadership, diversity, equity, and inclusion