A content analysis of second, fourth, and sixth grade spelling books : a comparison of theory and practice



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The study examined current published spelling programs across grades two, four, and six in order to describe the information and management strategies in teacher editions and analyze spelling techniques, procedures, and activities in student editions. Classification of spelling activities and programs according to four theoretical groups was also explored. Teacher editions and 234 lessons in student editions of 13 spelling programs were analyzed using instruments, devised for the study, composed of declarative statements gleaned from literature in spelling instruction and from spelling practices found in earlier editions of programs. Reliability of the instrument was reported. The statements used to describe teacher editions and techniques and procedures in student editions were analyzed dichotomously by yes or no responses then determining percentage of positive responses. Statements relating to spelling activities in student editions were analyzed by counting the number of activities and frequency of occurrence of each activity. [...]



English language--Orthography and spelling--Study and teaching