Investigating the link between ideals of masculinity in Ancient Greek and Roman society and the ideals of masculinity in the American Black community



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Many scholars have studied Greek and Roman mythology and come to conclusions about the ideals of masculinity. However, there has never been an attempt at understanding a possible connection to modern times and the Black community. My research focused on this possible connection and if there was enough grounding evidence to state how internal problems surrounding masculinity in the black community started. My research was also to not only establish this connection existed but also find out how it came to be. To find this connection, I looked at research already conducted on masculinity within ancient Greek and Roman society through myths and studies on the society. I also looked at research done on the black community and formed conclusions on ideals of masculinity within the black community in America. After examining the different viewpoints of masculinity in ancient Greek and Roman society and the black community in America, I noticed that there were clear similarities when it came to power and how it influenced men's behavior in society and within their own families. From there I searched to see if there was any way that Greek and Roman society could have influenced American culture and specifically black culture. This is when I found many sources that stated the direct influence that Greek and Roman society had on the foundation of America and then made the connection that these ideals were forced onto the community by white Americans. These ideas now pose many problems to the black community.



Liberal studies, Black people