Giving Your CMS Users a Content Strategy and a Positive UX



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In web design, much of user experience (UX) design is focused on the needs and expectations of end users. However, it is just as essential to consider the user experience of your library staff who are using a content management system (CMS) to maintain the design and content of your library's webpages. And the more systems, features and content you build into your library's website, the more difficult it becomes to maintain. This session will cover not only user experience and content strategy in general but also how focusing on these on the back-end of your library's web presence can help improve the overall experience for your library users. Objectives: Gain knowledge of UX design and content strategy; Identify ways to share content across your library's web-based systems; Get tips on what to consider when choosing or developing a CMS for your library.


This presentation was given at the North Texas Conference on Library Technology in Decatur, TX, on August 3, 2011.


Libraries, Content strategy, Web development, User experience, Libraries, Content strategy, Web development, User experience