Computer based temperature control with automatic tuning



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Temperature control is an important aspect of the process based industries. Computers are finding increased application in this area. Even with the introduction of the computers, operator intervention is still needed to tune the control loops in order to achieve a stable and optimized response. This thesis describes experiments in automatic tuning of a temperature controller and it proposes a microprocessor based system. A temperature control feedback loop was configured in the laboratory. A mini computer was used as a controller. Algorithms were devised for automatic tuning of the temperature control loop for three modes of control. Programs were written to implement these algorithms and the controller was tested for its performance. A new algorithm for delayed integral control was also tested. The above mentioned controller was found to perform satisfactorily in all three conventional modes. The controller tuned itself to the stable and optimal control coefficients in each mode under varying loads. The delayed integral control mode was found to be appropriate for processes with significant dead time.



Temperature control--Data processing