General education : case studies and policy implications for Texas colleges and universities



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Introduction to and Purpose of the Study. The rapid expansion of knowledge, the dissimilar educational experiences of students, and societal pressures for accountability and certification of student competence have prompted colleges to reexamine curricular requirements in the area of general education. The purpose of this study was to examine the current status and possible future trends of general education requirements for bachelor's degrees in the four-year public senior colleges of Texas. Research Questions Addressed. Questions concerning the current status of general education were addressed, including actual requirements, variations by institutional types and degree programs, alternatives to regular courses, and national trend comparisons. Questions concerning the possible future trends of general education were addressed, including the role and emphasis of general education on the campuses, skills needed by all graduates, faculty staffing policies, and expectations of general education changes. Scope and Method of the Study. The twenty-four public senior colleges in Texas which have four- year undergraduate student bodies constituted the population for this descriptive study. Five representative bachelor's degree programs were examined: English, biology, psychology, accounting, and elementary education. [...]



Universities and colleges--Texas--Curricula