The importance of native and introduced grasses of Fort Bend County, Texas



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In this study, speclaiens o£ sest of the grasses of Fort Bend County, Texas were collected and identified according to names and sapabilities. A comparative study of all the major grasses collected was undertaken. From thia group, only the moat desirable grasses were selected. They are Bermuda grass, Ballis grass, Johnson grass, Sudan grass and oats. Most of the desirable grasses are warm season perennials. During the cool season a deficiency of grass for grassing usually occurs. An additional study was undertaken to determine which cool season grasses are bast adapted to the county. A test of cool season grasses was conducted on lake Charles Clay at Bosenberg, Toms during the winter of 1955-1956. Only the species most generally accepted as best adapted to the Gulf Coast area of Texas were used in the test. The results of the test indicated that Alamo and Camellia oats and Goliad barley show the most pmaise for the cownty. A study of the fertility level and fertiliser requirements on Fort Bend County -soils was conducted in connection with the study of grasses. The quality as well as quantity of grass produced depends on the fertility of the soil.