Advancing Point-of-Care Diagnosis: Digitalizing Combinatorial Biomarker Signals for Lupus Nephritis


To improve the efficiency and patient coverage of the current healthcare system, user-friendly novel homecare devices are urgently needed. In this work, we developed a smartphone-based analyzing and reporting system (SBARS) for biomarker detection in lupus nephritis (LN). This system offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional, expensive large equipment in signal detection and quantification. This innovative approach involves using a portable and affordable microscopic reader to capture biomarker signals. Through smartphone-based image processing techniques, the intensity of each biomarker signal is analyzed. This system exhibited comparable performance to a commercial Genepix scanner in the detection of two potential novel biomarkers of LN, VISG4 and TNFRSF1b. Importantly, this smartphone-based analyzing and reporting system allows for discriminating LN patients with active renal disease from healthy controls with the area-under-the-curve (AUC) value = 0.9 for TNFRSF1b and 1.0 for VSIG4, respectively, indicating high predictive accuracy.




Biosensors 14 (3): 147 (2024)