Distribution and ecology of the terrestrial mollusks of the Texas coastal counties



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The distribution of land snails in the Gulf coastal counties of Texas has been carefully re-examined, with additional data provided by the collections made by the author, in cooperation with Dr. J. Bequaert. The distribution patterns of these snails plotted on maps, confirm the existence in the area of three well-marked provinces with a high degree of correlation with the Austroriparian, Texan, and Tamaulipan Biotic Provinces of Dice (1943) and Blair (1950). On the basis of the present study, the boundary, in the coastal area, between the Texan and Tamaulipan Provinces is located in the vicinity of Corpus Christi Bay. This is in agreement with the boundary established by Dice on the basis of plant distribution, but is some eighty miles south of the boundary established near Matagorda Bay by Blair on the basis of vertebrate distribution. The author would like to acknowledge the identifications of the species considered in this report and the overall guidance given in the entire presentation to Dr. J. B. Bequaert. The author is grateful to Dr. T. E. Pulley for help concerning the concept of zoogeographic provinces related to the problems concerning this thesis.