Ecological studies: I. Habitat, life cycle, and web ecology of the spider Nephila clavipes Koch (Araneidae), II. The relationship between selected web parameters, weight gain, and fecundity in the spider Nephila clavipes Koch (Araneidae)



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Aspects of the natural history and the relationship between weight and variation in selected web parameters in the orb weaving spider Nephila clavipes were investigated. Habitat, life cycle, prey, movements, population density, and variation in selected web parameters were among the aspects of the natural history of the spider studied. It was found that population densities were constant over most of the season, that movements were significantly non-random, and that variations in the selected web parameters show seasonal trends. When the selected web parameters were regressed onto weight over short periods of time, it was shown that a significant relationship existed, implying that Nephila clavipes may adjust its web to changing environmental conditions. Further, it was shown that movements are significantly related to the average daily weight gain at a given site.