DIGITAL SCHOLARSHIP ROAD MAP: A Report from UH Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Services Team


In October 2015, the University of Houston (UH) Libraries’ administration charged a group to develop recommendations for how the Libraries should move forward in the growing area of digital scholarship. The Digital Scholarship Services Team (DSST) was directed to build on the work of an ad hoc group that had been informally discussing digital scholarship services opportunities for the Libraries, and DSST was given the following specific responsibilities: (1) Define what is meant by Digital Scholarship Services; (2) Develop and implement a formal needs assessment to identify and prioritize needs related to digital scholarship services; (3) Benchmark with other institutions on their digital scholarship services and/or programs; (4) Conduct an environmental scan to determine the extent of digital scholarship services currently being offered in the libraries and elsewhere at the University; and (5) Identify existing areas of expertise and identify skills needed in the Libraries to fill gaps



digital scholarship, digital humanities, libraries, data management, digital repositories, Digital scholarship, Digital humanities, Libraries, Data management, Digital repositories


University of Houston Libraries' Digital Scholarship Services Team, "Digital Scholarship Road Map: A Report from UH Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Services Team," February 22, 2016.