Libraries, Networks and OSI: A Review, with a Report on North American Developments



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The Public-Access Computer Systems Review


Lorcan Dempsey made a study trip to North America in May 1990 as part of a British-Library-funded study of library networking (i.e., use of computer networks by libraries) in North America. Based on this trip, as well as on extensive literature research and follow-on electronic mail and phone discussions, he prepared the report reviewed here. The prospective reader should understand that this book is in fact a published report. Some sections assume considerable familiarity with the subject matter; extensive quotations from the literature are included. Some sections are quite detailed and discuss work in progress (and some of this material will date quickly). Sometimes, the coverage is a bit encyclopedic, which makes for slightly tedious reading, but such detail is necessary in a comprehensive report.




Lynch, Clifford A. "Libraries, Networks and OSI: A Review, with a Report on North American Developments." Public Access-Computer Systems Review 2, no. 1. (1991): 171-176.