The department of defense property disposal service : a computerized location-allocation model using dynamic programming with converging branches and multi-dimensional state and decision variables



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The Department of Defense Property Disposal Service is evaluated as a multiechelon, multiregional organization possessing a resource allocation problem. A nonlinear, integer program which simultaneously locates sites and allocates resources to handle the system flow is the product. The mathematical program is restructured in a form to make it amenable to dynamic programming by taking advantage of certain system characteristics. The model is converted to a dynamic programming system with converging branches and multidimensional state and decision variables. A computer methodology is developed and documented requiring solution of several inherent problems in relating multidimensional dynamic programming to large scale digital computers. Finally, a sensitivity analysis is performed relating the level of system resource inputs to the optimal system objective function value. The result is a solution methodology which evaluates alternatives in a substantially smaller amount of computer time than a typical nonlinear integer programming routine. No basis of comparison exists as no problem of this size or type has been previously explored.