TSA & Airport Security: A case on weapons smuggling in the U.S.



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Due to the fact that the DHS is the premiere agency that controls the borders of the nation, it is important to know how they keep track of legal versus illegitimate activities. The present study identifies how the DHS maintains an amicable balance between letting legal travel flow in and fighting illegitimate activities on a daily basis. In particular, this study tries to find what methods were most effective. This study will be using primary and secondary data, the DHS itself and its affiliated organizations. We learned that with all the different ways of transportation and trade of goods of which we import and export, a heavy amount of illegitimate activity occurs daily at airports, railroads, and ports specifically. The number of illegal firearms, bombs and illegal possessions have increased, but TSA security has managed to increase their security to combat the issue. Looking at stats of TSA through the years, the amount of illegal items that make it onto planes has dropped every year, which is credited to better technology and well-trained staff. The occurrences of drug transportation by cargo at railroads and ports have also dropped therefore increasing the ability of safe trade and travel.